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The purpose of the OLSS Aftercare Program is to provide quality, affordable childcare after school for OLSS families. The objectives are to provide children with age-appropriate opportunities to meet their social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development needs in a safe, supervised, and caring atmosphere.


Aftercare Program Organization:

The Aftercare Program is divided into two age groups:

1) Younger Aftercare: Pre-K – 3rd grade, located in the Pre-K building

2) Older Aftercare: 4th – 8th grades, located in the Providence Room.


Aftercare Days & Hours of Operation:

Aftercare begins at school dismissal time, and operates until 6:00pm. On emergency early dismissal days due to inclement weather, the Program will be closed. Aftercare operates all days that school is in session, with the exception of the following days:

1) 12:30 dismissal day in November for the start of Thanksgiving Break

2) 12:30 dismissal day in December for the start of Christmas break

​3) 12:30 dismissal day in March/April for the start of Easter break

3) 12:30 dismissal day in May for Staff Appreciation Day

4) Early dismissal on the last day of school in June


Aftercare Activities:

Aftercare includes the following activities:

1) Snack, provided by Aftercare, or sent from home if preferred

2) Outside play time (weather permitting)

3) Inside playtime with appropriate toys, games, etc.

4) Study time is scheduled to give children the opportunity to complete their homework, and thus have more time for family activities in the evening. Staff are available to assist children during this time. We strongly recommend that parents check their child’s work each evening. If children finish their homework, they may read quietly.


Aftercare Rates:

Full-Time Discounted Rate for Monday - Friday 

One child:

 $ 65/per week                                                   

Two children:

 $105/per week

Three children:

 $145/per week

Part-Time Rate, Per Child:

Normal school day, 3:00 p.m. dismissal:

 $25/per day

Half day 12:30 p.m. dismissal: $45/per day


The full-time discounted weekly fee is charged no matter how many school days are in any given week, with the exceptions of the week of Christmas Break, and the week of Easter Break, when there is no charge. Absences due to illness or other reasons are not exempt from the tuition fees.



There are two payment options. 

1) Weekly: Payment is due on Friday of each week

2) Monthly: Payment is due on the first school day of the month

A charge of $1/day will be charged for each day past the payment due date that a payment is received. A fee of $25 will be charged for checks returned due to insufficient funds.

The Aftercare Program ends at 6:00p.m. A late fee of $10/per child will be assessed for every 15 minutes after 6:00p.m. until the child is picked up.


Pick-Up & Departure:

Parents and guardians must enter the school buildings to pick up children and sign them out. To ensure the safety of the children, only persons named on the completed “Emergency Form” will be allowed to pick up children. If someone other than parents or people named on the form will be picking up your child, please notify our staff in advance, in writing or by a phone call to the School Office.


If your child has an extra curricular evening activity that require changing clothes before departure, please notify our staff, so they may allow time for your child to change before pick up.


Outdoor Play:

The children have outdoor playtime every day, if weather permits. Please make sure you child has the appropriate attire for the weather, including coat, hat, & gloves in the winter, and sunscreen in the summer.


Required Paperwork:

Maryland State regulations require that Aftercare Programs maintain emergency information on each child enrolled.  To register your child in the OLSS Aftercare Program, please submit the following completed paperwork (attached as pdf files):

1) Maryland State Dept. of Education Emergency form

2) Maryland State Dept. of Education Health Inventory

3) Maryland State Dept. of Education Immunization Record

These forms must be completed and submitted prior to your child’s participation in the Aftercare Program. If changes occur during the year, please update your forms. It is important that Aftercare staff are aware of you child’s needs, especially any allergies.