PO Box 560 / 90 Alexander Lane, Solomons, Maryland 20688   

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1) All vehicles dropping off children must enter the parking lot from the Alexander Street entrance and enter the drop-off line next to the sidewalk. Parents may NOT drop off children from any other location in the parking lot.
2) All vehicles dropping off children must stay in a single-file lane. DO NOT PASS VEHICLES IN THE DROP-OFF LINE.
3) The first vehicle in the drop-off line should pull up to the “OLSS Drop-Off” sign at the first tree, in order to leave room for other vehicles to queue behind it.
4) Children should exit your vehicle from the right side to avoid crossing the car line.
5) Children may not exit vehicles in the drop-off lane unless the vehicle is parked next to the flagpole, or forward of it. If your car is stopped in the line behind this point, please wait for the line to pull up before your children exit your vehicle.
6) If you would like to park and walk your children into the building, please park on the far side of the median of the parking lot, and do not cross through the car line.
7) Pre-K parents: Please park near the parish church (outside the lot) and walk your child to the Pre-K building.
8) Exit the parking lot through the exit by the Parish Church; do not exit through the entry onto Alexander Street.

1) Enter the parking lot through the entrance next to the Parish Church, and park in one of the two lines, with your car rider sign clearly visible on your dashboard.
2) When the car line is cleared to move, cars in the left lane turn left onto Alexander Street; cars in the right lane turn right and drive down Calvert Street to exit.
3) Students may not be dismissed from the school building after 2:30pm. If you need to pick up your child early, you must do so before 2:30pm.
4) PK Parents: Please park near in the spaces near the parish church, outside the school parking lot, and walk along the sidewalk to the PK building. After picking up your child from PK, please stay on the sidewalk when walking back to your car. DO NOT CUT THROUGH THE CARS IN THE CAR LINE.

Parents who are visiting or volunteering at the school should park in the parking spaces along the waterfront, outside of the parking lot, which needs to be kept clear for recess.  DO NOT PARK IN THE STAFF PARKING LOT.